How to Refund Valorant Skins and Items: Full Guide

Valorant has a large number of in game items for players to purchase. This includes colourful and attractive weapon skins, agent contracts, premium battlepass, and other rewards. This is the only way for Riot to make profit from VALORANT.

New players buy almost every skin which looks great. But not every skin has all kind of finisher effects. So, they regreat when realize.

Don’t worry. Riot has a window for players to refund unsed skins and items for a short period of time. But remember, if you use or upgrade your weapon skin, it can no longer be refunded.

Here you will find the full guide on How to Refund Valorant Skins and other purchasable items.


Guide to Refund Valorant In-Game Items

Not everything you purchase in your Valorant account is eligible for refund. Some items can be refunded if certain conditions are met.

Eligible for Refund:

  • Weapon Skins
  • VP (as your money back)

Only unused weapon skins and unused VP purchased within the last 14 days are eligible for a refund.

Not Eligible for Refund:

  • Used Weapon Skins
  • Upgraded Weapon Skins
  • Character Contract Levels
  • Weapon Skin Levels
  • Weapon Skin Bundles
  • Premium Battle Passes
  • Premium Battle Pass Levels
  • Radianite Points

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How to Refund Weapon Skins in Valorant?

Players can only request for weapon skins refund if the skin is unused, and not upgraded to any level within last 14 days.

All you need to is follow the steps:

  1. Go to Riot Games Support website.
  2. Select Refund Unused Content option.
  3. Login to your Riot Account to see your purchase history of last 14 days.
  4. Click on the refund button beside the item you want to refund.
    valorant skin refund
  5. If the item is refundable, then you will get the refunded Valorant points in your -ingame account.

Also note that, the Refund button will appear next to ALL of your purchases, but will only work for items that are refundable.

FAQs – Refund valorant Skins

  • I have upgraded my skin to finisher level in Valorant. Can I refund my skin?

    As per the policy, you can only refund base level skins. Upgrdaed skins can not be refunded.

  • How long my Valorant weapon skins are eligible for refund?

    You can refund your Valorant weapon skins within 14 days from purchase days.

  • How long it take to refund VP to my Valorant account?

    It takes only 1-2 minutes to refund VP to your Valorant account.

  • I am clicking on refund button on Valorant support page but my skins are not refunded. What to do?

    Refund button will appear next to ALL of your purchases, but will only work for items that are refundable.

  • Is Valorant a good game?

    Yes, Valorant is a good tactical FPS game to play on PC.

If you’re unable to refund an item or want more help then you should contact Riot directly via mail from their ticket section.

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