How to Install & Setup NetSpeedMonitor in Windows 10/11?

NetSpeedMotior is a free Windows software which helps you to track your real-time internet upload and download speed. It’s a free tool and works on Windows computers.

NetSpeedMonitor was developed for the Windows 7 versions. However, with a simple trick, you can use NetSpeedMonitor in Windows 10/11 OS versions. It’s completely safe to use.

How to Install NetSpeedMonitor in Windows?

  1. Download the netspeedmonitor_2_5_4_0_x64_setup.exe file.
  2. Run the downloaded NetSpeedMonitor installation file.
  3. Follow the process just like any other Windows software.
  4. And finish the installation.

NetSpeedMonitor Installation Error: You may get an installation error while installing the NetSpeedMonitor software. What you need to do is just right-click on the software, open its properties and go to the compatibility tab. Then select run this program as compatibility mode for: and select Windows 7 or 8 whichever is available and also check the run this program as administrator.

Then apply and ok. Now try to reinstall the NetSpeedMonitor file. it should work now.

How to Setup NetSpeedMonitor in Windows?

Now after the installation you need to make this software visible on the taskbar. Thw following steps will show you how to Show Internet Speed in Windows using NetSpeedMonitor.

  1. Right-click on your Taskbar to show up the taskbar menu.
  2. Click on Toolbars and make sure NetSpeedMonitor is checked.
  3. Now right click on the NetSpeedMonitor tool and click Monitoring On.
  4. Then go to the configuration and select Network Interface to your current driver which is currently used for using the internet on the computer. In case you don’t know, then just change it one by one until the monitor shows some values rather than 0.
    NetSpeedMonitor Config
  5. if you want you can do some layout changes. That’s it.

Now your NetSpeedMonitor should be working fine on your Windows toolbar.


  • Is NetSpeedMonitor Safe?

    NetSpeedMonitor is a completely safe tool to use on Windows computers.

  • Is NetSpeedMonitor a heavy software?

    No, NetSpeedMonitor is super lightweight software.

  • What is the latest version of NetSpeedMonitor?

    NetSpeedMonitor 2.5.4 is the latest version.

  • Where I can Download NetSpeedMonitor for Windows 10?

    You can download the latest version of NetSpeedMonitor for Windows 10 on our website.


NetSpeedMonitor is a great free tool to monitor your network provider’s speed in real-time. It also helps you track whether any background application is consuming your data or not. This software is only available for Windows computers.

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